There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all.
Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns ~ Edward de Bono

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Featured Designer - Scrappin With Lil Ole Me

Featured Designer ~ Scrappin With Lil Ole Me

Meet our featured Designer  Scrappin with lil ole me
Tell us a bit about yourself,
 I am a retired wife and mom, soon to be 65 yrs old...get my medicare...whoohooo!! My hubby, of 44 years, and I moved to South Florida from Michigan in 2008. Both of us just love it here. We are natural born beach bums. We have 3 children, 7 grandchildren, and 1 fur baby YorkiePoo named Bo. Other than digi scrapping, my hobbies are reading, swimming, and I use to clog..but my knees gave
What jobs have you done other than being an digital designer?

 I am a retired nurse, I use to work in our hospital's out patient physical therapy department.
How long have you been digital designing and how did you get started?
 I've been digi designing for 5 years now. Here's a funny story on how I got I had made my first Halloween scrap kit, and put it on my blog as a freebie...well I had over 900 downloads on it. My hubby saw that and said, "well just think if you would have sold that kit for $1.00"!! So that's how I got started. I've made so many new and dear friends over these past years. Digi designing is my passion and I love it! 

What graphics program do you use
My graphics program of choice is Pain Shop Pro XI and I've used psp since version 6 and that's been ages I have the new version, but it's like the you can't teach an old dog new tricks thing,..I don't like it as well. I also use Photoshop CS3, but only for Actions, brushes and pre-set shapes.  

What is your favourite thing to create i.e. Templates, kits etc and why?
 My very favorite thing to make are papers and overlays. My son is a photographer and I love using his photo's in my papers. And I don't have to worry about My second favorite thing to make are templates. Usually if I see something cute that I like, I can make it into a template. I use to hate working with vectors, but now that I know how to manipulate them...I love it!

What inspires your creations
My mother inspires my work. She was an avid crafter and artist. I always envied her work, mainly because I couldn't draw a straight line!! But as I learned in don't have to know how to draw!! So now I realize that yes, I do have my mother's genes for art!
How do you work? ( silence, music, away in a room etc...)
 I work in my so called "office" or computer room. I don't like to work to music as it distracts me, and I'll start singing and forget what I'm doing! When your 65, your memory is kaput!

How long does it take you to complete a design
It takes me forever, it seems, to make I'm such a perfectionest, that I'll make it over and over until it's just the way I want it. For a kit, it takes me about a week...because I just keep adding and adding to

Now then, where can we go to find your fabulous designs?  
You can find my designs at Heartbeatz Creationz (I think I've been there almost from the beginning with Jay ), and just recently  I joined Inspirations of Scrap Friends. 
A sample of some of what i do :)