There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all.
Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns ~ Edward de Bono

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Meet our Featured Designer - Bello Scarto

Featured Designer ~ Bello Scarto

Tell us a bit about yourself,
 I am a Jay, single mum of three, two girls Sarah & Aimee and my boy Brandon,  only my boy at home now. 
im 42 years old, living in the UK in a little town by the sea, i have one grandchild CJ whom i see on weekends and my 2 furbabies, miniature shih tzus Billy & Bella 
What jobs have you done other than being an digital designer?

 I am a holistic therapist, hypnotherapist, massage therapist,  reiki master, nail technician plus a lot  more in the therapy field, starting out in factory work when i left school, i moved on to barwork and then on to manage 4 pubs and then cafe management and onto my own salon, and at present i do nails, massage, and housekeeping in a local hotel.
How long have you been digital designing and how did you get started?
 I've been designing for almost 5 years now, i started on the old Ebay threads, a regular siggie piggie collecting tags, i then got hooked on them, making them, then i got curious on the scrap kits to make the tags and from there i got into designing..i started off as Heartbeatz Creationz and then went on to open my own store.
my old designer name i keep to just cu and cu4cu items now, with all my new kits under Bello scarto for 2 years now.

What graphics program do you use
My favourite  is good old Paintshop 9, i tried 10 and 11 but always go back to 9 lol
i tried photoshop but lets just say we do not get on haha!

What is your favourite thing to create i.e. Templates, kits etc and why?
 My favourite thing to create is the kits, i love taking a theme and visualising the palette and then watching it take shape from there.

What inspires your creations
My Mood lol! go through previews of my kits over a space of a few weeks, you will see how i have changed from sad, happy, fed up and down right p****d off lol!

How do you work? ( silence, music, away in a room etc...)
 I work in my living room, tv in the background or music..

How long does it take you to complete a design
Depends on mood, some kits have taken me over a week to do, sometimes i feel a kit is missing something, and i go away and leave it for a while, then other days i can complete a kit in a matter of a couple of hours.

Now then, where can we go to find your fabulous designs?  
You can find my designs at Heartbeatz Creationz  
 I also sell at 
Twilight Scraps
Scraps at the City
Aussie Scraps
Inspirations of ScrapFriends

A sample of some of what i do :)