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Digital Airbrushing in DSA

I've seen an increasing amount of amazingly stunning airbrushed paper crafting projects recently. Today I'm going to share with you how to airbrush digitally. Here is a card I made using digital airbrushing and the Summer Fence Silhouette by Toucan Scraps.

I used Serif's Digital Scrapbook Artist 2, but the steps will be the same in it's successor Craft Artist and the free versions of DSA Compact and Craft Artist Compact.

I'm going to walk you though creating this sunset background with 4 colours, feel free to paint a pink and purple sunset if you prefer and this technique could be used for many other backgrounds, the limit is your own imagination.
Set-up your page to 5x5 inches, then place the digital silhouette in Layer 1.
Create a new layer (Layer 2) underneath layer 1
(If you are rubber stamping your image, then airbrush onto layer 1, no need to create an additional layer)
Click on the brush tool icon.

With layer 2 selected switch to the brushes tab, and find the airbrushes.

Click on the brush you want to use. I used the smooth brush - Airbrush 04.

On the brush tool bar there are a number of options including brush width and opacity. Choose a medium large brush width (e.g. 110 pt) and opacity 100%.

select the lightest colour (I choose a medium yellow) and paint horizontal lines to cover the page.

Now take the next lightest colour, a pale orange for me. Reduce the opacity to 60%.
Starting a little way up the page paint horizontal lines up to the top of the page.
Repaint over the top of the higher parts of the image to darken them.

Choose your third colour (medium orange for me) and reduce the opacity to about 30%
Starting about 1/2 way up the image paint as before
Using small strokes add a little bit of this darker colour to some points on the lower part of the page to make a more natural looking sky

Repeat with the darkest colour (deep orange-red for me) towards the top of the page.

Have fun with digital brushwork and please let me see what you create.


manic724 said...

I believe this is the first time I have seen anything tutorial wise that used DSA instea of PSP I use DSA and all the other things from Seriff THANKS!!!!!!!!!!