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Recolouring a Digital Silhouette in DSA

Digi Stamps generally come in Black. It is possible to recolour these digi stamps before printing. This tutorial shows how to easily recolour a digi stamp or silhouette in Serif's Digital Scrapbook Artist (DSA) or it's successor Craft Artist (CA). 
Free cut down "compact" versions of both software packages are available from Serif.

For this tutorial I've used a silhouette by Toucan Scraps called Christmas Tree.
Place the silhouette in the DSA page
Select it and click on a colour you want to use (I used green)

This added the colour
Adding colour to black makes black.
Change the colour mode by clicking on the "Colour using HSL" button

Mottled Recolouring of a Silhouette
This affect doesn't work in the free compact versions of DSA or CA

Copy the recoloured image
Paste it on top
Select the top image and give it a different colour (I coloured mine yellow)
Select the top image and click the drinking glass icon - this is the transparency tool

Select plasma from the drop down list

Click on the handles to adjust the plasma pattern until you like it.