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Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns ~ Edward de Bono

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Wishing Well Hybrid Card Tutorial

Hybrid is when we mix digital and traditional crafting together. 
This card is mostly digital. 
The designer papers (Tell My Story Bumper Digi paper Pack by Toucan Scraps) and the uncoloured image (Wishing Well Digi Stamp by Toucan Scraps) were assembled digitally. 
Then after printing, the image was coloured by hand using crayons. 
This is a great way of making lots of similar cards in a short space of time with some scope for individuality by choosing different colours for the images.

First the Digital Bit

Set-up the page in your software to the size of card stock you re printing on. I've set mine to metric A5. Set the page to landscape.
Put a guideline along the vertical centre line - where the fold line will be. (If your software doesn't support guidelines then draw a vertical line in the top layer.

Most printers have a margin where it doesn't print anything. 
check your printer settings and place guidelines at the margin points (.6 cm for me). 

To keep the page balanced, place a margin line to the right of the centre line.

Choose your background paper. Place it on the page and crop to fit inside your guidelines.

crop another piece of digi paper to a rectangle on the next layer. Add a small drop shadow.

The Wishing Well Digi Stamp by Toucan Scraps comes as 4 files. Two of them are in png format. One has the image coloured in white, the other only has the black lines. Place the white filled image on top of the rectangle.

Crop a piece of pale paper to a small rectangle/title block shape. 
Place it below the image and add a small drop shadow.

Add a greeting on top of the title block in a pretty font (I used Bradley Hand ITC). 
I picked the colour from the dots and used that to colour my font.

Using the same font, but smaller, type your made by and credits details at the bottom of the left hand side of the page (this will be the back).
Score along the centre fold line

Now for the Colouring in.

There are lots of ways of colouring in an image. This is my preferred method when using pencil crayons.

First colour all the non-light areas in a medium colour. For the wooden areas here I've used a mid brown. And for the white concrete well, a pale grey.

Next go over the dark (shaded) areas with the darkest colour. I used a dark brown for the wood and a medium grey for the well walls.

The next step pulls everything together - go completely over the top with the lightest colour. 
This fills in the light areas and helps blend the others.

And finally, follow the same process with the smaller items and add the finishing touches.